Sunday, June 24, 2007


YA! I'm uber excited for our Girls Camp in two weeks! Our theme this year is M*A*S*H* (Morally and Spiritually Higher) and it's kind of got an Army/Military feel to it. Every year has a different camo color, ours is the traditional green and brown since we're the Youth Camp Leaders this year. I'll be over the fourth years along with Rachel Hodgson, Erin Hatton, and Jenni.... yay. Ariel was going to be with us originally, but she decided that she was better off "doing the "lord's work", and "influencing people"" with the first years. pshhh. get off your frickin pulpit. you're gonna bore those poor girls to death. they just want to have fun! I guess I'm kind of harsh, but I really have problems with those "holier than thou" kind of people.

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